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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

The environmental science teacher at Addison High School wants to take his students on a field trip to explore local ecosystems. He plans an outing for his 30 students to visit a nature preserve and learn about native wildlife. To keep the trip affordable, he gets a quote from a charter bus company to handle transportation. For a 56-passenger bus to accommodate the class, teacher, and chaperones, the 4-hour rental from 9am-1pm costs $180. With the bus rental, the cost works out to just $6 per student roundtrip. The charter bus company also offers features like TVs and WiFi to keep students engaged during the 30-minute drive. To show appreciation for the service, the teacher tips 10%, adding just $18 to the total. Getting a group rate on a charter bus rental makes field trips easy and budget-friendly for schools.

Example #2

A large technology company in Addison is hosting a corporate retreat for 200 employees at a resort outside of the city. In order to provide transportation from the office to the resort, they decide to book charter bus rentals for the trip. Given the size of their group, they need 4 50-passenger charter buses to accommodate everyone. They book the charter buses for a 10 hour rental period to allow for ample travel and buffer time. At a rate of $150 per hour, per bus, their total charter bus rental cost comes out to $6,000. With a group of 200 people, this makes the per person cost only $30 roundtrip. The charter bus company also includes a 5% gratuity, so the total for their corporate retreat transportation ends up being $6,300. The technology company finds this very affordable and decides it is the best option to keep their employees together and build camaraderie for their retreat.

Example #3:

The varsity football team at Addison High School needed transportation for an away game against their big rival school 3 hours away. The athletic director booked a 56 passenger charter bus to transport the 40 players, 10 coaches and staff, and their equipment to the game and back. She booked the bus for a 10 hour rental period to allow for traffic and provide ample time before and after the game. The total cost for the charter bus was $1,400. The school divided the cost between the football boosters club and the athletic department’s transportation budget. The charter bus allowed the team to travel together, have space for their gear, and focus on preparing for the big game rather than driving separately. The coach tipped the 10% at the end of the trip for providing smooth, timely service. Charter bus transportation gave the team peace of mind and helped lead to an Addison High victory.

Example #4:

A local women’s club in Addison is organizing their annual holiday party. They expect around 30 members to attend, so they decide to book a day trip on a 28 passenger minibus to visit Grapevine for some holiday shopping and lunch. The group coordinator reaches out for a quote and learns the minibus will cost $95 per hour. They plan to be picked up in Addison at 10am and dropped back off at 4pm, totaling 6 hours. With the hourly rate, their quote comes out to $570. The minibus has leather seats, TVs, and WiFi to make the trip comfortable. Since they are staying local in the Dallas area, there are no additional fees. The coordinator tips 10% at the end of the trip, bringing their total for the Addison minibus rental to $627. It ends up being around $21 per person – an affordable option to keep the holiday spirit going!

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in Addison with the ceremony at a church and reception at a hotel afterwards. They expect around 60 wedding guests to attend. Since the church and hotel are across town from each other, the couple decides to book a charter bus to shuttle guests between venues. They select a 30 passenger charter bus for a 5 hour rental during wedding day transportation. The charter bus company quotes them $950 total, which comes out to around $16 per person. This covers pickup and drop off at both locations, time in between for photos, and onboard amenities like a sound system and lighting. The couple adds an 18% tip. In total, their Addison wedding charter bus costs $1,121, making group transportation easy and fun for their wedding guests.

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